Life Groups

Life Groups are essential and necessary for the man/woman of God to develop a strong and deep relationship with Christ. It is here that iron sharpens iron as brothers and sisters built strong family bonds.

Join us as we open the Bible together with the desire to see our lives transformed by the Spirit of God.

Wednesday Evenings

7 till 8.30pm Fortnightly.

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Sunday Evenings

Dinner at 6pm - Study 7 till 8.30pm

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Bible Studies


Thursdays fortnightly, two sessions: at 10 am and at 2.30pm

A variety of Biblical topics are discussed in a friendly atmosphere, followed by morning tea, giving us the opportunity to fellowship with one another.

Currently studying: The Book of Genesis


Thursdays fortnightly at 2 pm.

Currently studying: The Gospel of Luke

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Sisters in Christ

Second Monday of the month from 7.30 pm until 9 pm.

A very special ladies fellowship time, being knit together as the title suggests, enabling and practicing the principles of the Bible for women.

Getting to know each other, to love one another and expecting to grow spiritually mature together as sisters the way Christ intended.

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First Monday of the month between 7.45pm and 9.30pm.

An evening to share experiences and knowledge. Sometimes a designated special guest will visit or a specific topic will be held. 

A time of getting to know one another, bonding, friendship and support.

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Women's Breakfast

The Women's Breakfast is a special time for the ladies to get together and fellowship over breakfast twice a year at the Salt Cafe, Heatherton Christian College. Special guests are invited and it is a time of sharing, learning and creating lasting friendship with one another.

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Youth Group

Our Youth Group runs every Friday nights from 7.15pm until 9.30pm.

A time of hanging out together and finding out the ins and outs of being taught and guided by Christian worldview principles for living the youth life of today.

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Music & Media

Our Music and Media Team Leader says:

"Being part of a Worship Team is in a way, one of the easiest things, for it is our natural response to want to worship the great God who has saved us. This is made even easier when surrounded and supported by such quality people as we have at Village Church, who serve so faithfully. We exist to support and complement the preaching of the Word.

Having said that, we are striving to play songs that are Christ exalting and Biblical. We want both head and heart to be engaged in times of worship, and for people to be in awe of God. The style of music varies from hymns to contemporary worship. We are passionate about serving our congregation and supporting the vision of the church."

Connecting People

The Connect Team is dedicated to making visitors and regular Church attendees feel welcomed and comfortable. Helping new comers to feel at ease by introducing them to their surrounds and members of the congregation.

Team Leader Gila says:

"I have been connected with Village Church for 18 years now . It is great doing life with amazing people and being involved in a ministry that serves and inspires each other to develop life in Christ."

Children's Church

Here at Village Church, we have a great team of Children’s Ministry leaders who strive to provide a safe environment where your child can enjoy great learning, loving relationships and plenty of fun throughout the children’s programs designed to lay down a spiritual foundation for your child.

Our practice is to incorporate children into our main service as well as allow the children to go out into their own teaching and activity time. The children start off with their parents in the main service at 10am and go out part way at around 10.30am.

The Kids Church program starts off with a combined age group session of singing, learning of Bible memory verses and Books of the Bible. They are then split into three age groups for teaching – Little Blessings (preschool age from when parents are comfortable leaving their children in his class),  Prep-Year 3 and Years 4-6.Lessons are sourced from “The Gospel Project” teaching material which takes them on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. Children discover how the Gospel unfolds from Genesis through to Revelation at age appropriate levels. Relevant craft and/or activities are incorporated to reinforce the themes of the lesson.

The program aims to finish at 12 noon which allows parents the opportunity to enjoy some fellowship over morning tea before collecting their children.